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Real case of Real Estate increase value:

A house of (50,000 $) in 1993, its city value was 54,000 $, after two years went down to around 35000$, because of the political situation 95 referendum.
No problem still cheaper than renting and it is your home.

After around 6 years real estate started going up, sold in 2005 (82,500 $), after that have been sold three times:
2005-12-18 115,000 $
2009-03-17 49,000 $
2010-02-18 149,000 $  

200% increase in less than 20 years but is not rally the same nowadays because the value of the houses in Montreal were too low compared with the others big Canadian cities.     
When I bought my first house I was looking for price and the second too, the important is to invest in the real estate to conserve the value of your money at least.

According to Greater Montreal Real Estate Board the house of around 120,000 $ in 2001 so its value in 2013 is around 300,000$.


BARAKAH Project (Interest FREE):

Consisting in buying a revenue property as a group (co-operative property), so starting with 5,000 $ you can be owner and investor of real estate.
In the Flowing table three examples of revenue properties in different areas and they are active in the market now.

The three areas are Montreal. Laval and South Shore. If you invest 10,000 $ in revenue property like the one in the example of Montreal, revenue of 10,000 $ will be 10,674 $ in 10 years so revenue + capital will be 20,674 $ and you are free to sell your share anytime you wish. 

Renting and buying your shared property:

Assume your share is 30%, the rent is 1,000 $ monthly, so if you rent to live in it so you will pay 700 $ monthly.

You can buy your shared property:

You can buy more shares from the other partners until you will have 100% and the property will be all yours.


If somebody wants to buy apartment in this property, will be a condo in this case.
The buyer will pay his portion of taxes and expenses.
The following table shows condo of 100,000 $ value 20,000 $ as down payment, so if investors decide to sell to the new owner so the revenue of the 80,000 $ which is left
will be 32,000 $ for 10 years.

The estimated value is done according the consideration of inflation and the future real estate value in the next 10 years. No interest and no change in the price for the 10 years.
Somebody will say banks are cheaper but if interest increases like the 80s so you will lose everything,
Following tables are different values.



For more details or to enroll in the Baraka project, follow the link below: Fill the form of

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